Why test pile foundations?
Sometimes pile foundations may have internal defects caused during casting or installation. The effectiveness of deep foundations depends on is its integrity throughout its depth. That’s why during the construction or re-use (application of higher loads) of the foundation is required to assess the integrity and effective length.

How do we test Piles?
Neodex conducts several Nondestructive Methods to assess the structural integrity of deep foundations. However, our most used method is:

Impulse-Response (Enhanced ASTM D5882): By analyzing the frequency domain of induced forces and stres-waves into concrete pile foundation we can make an accurate assessment of the pile length and depth to possible defects. Also, in precast piles, we can estimate the concrete density if the pile length is known.

Evaluation of Deep Foundations Services
When Evaluating Concrete Piles, we can determine the following properties:

– Length of Pile
– Location of defective foundations
– Depth to voids, honeycombing, cracks, discontinuities in concrete piles.
– Estimate concrete density and strength on piles.