Core drilling: good or bad?
In situations where the client needs to know the thickness of slabs or coating thicknesses, the common solution is to damage the structure by drilling out cores in various parts of the structure. This significantly damages the integrity of the structural elements.

Advanced Ultrasonic Methods: Determination of Thickness
Neodex has advanced and accurate Concrete Nondestructive Testing methods to determine the thicknesses of structures. Our methods basically work through the induction and analysis of ultrasonic waves inside concrete. Such methods are:

Impact-Echo (ASTM C1383): By analyzing the frequency domain response of an induced compression wave into concrete we can determine the thickness of slabs and depth to defects such as voids and delaminations.

Eco-Ultrasónico: By anaylizing the time domain response of an induced shear wave into concrete we can generate 2D (cross section) and 3D views of the inside of concrete. This allows us to know the thickness of concrete elements, depth and shape of defects such as voids, delaminations and honeycombing.

Thickness Determination Services:

– Depth of delaminations
– Thickness Determination
– Cross sectional images of Thickness of concrete structures
– Evaluation of adhesion between concrete layers
– Evaluation of adhesion between coatings
– Location of cold joints

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